Beginning in 2002 I followed several courses that have to do with cabinet making and the art of woodturning. In 2004 I took Cabinet Making Level II course given by La Commission Scolaire Chemin-du-Roy and also Furniture Finishing given by the same institution.

In 2006 I followed a 2 day course in Woodturning given by Eddy Noël who is well known for his woodturning articles in the Rénovation Bricolage magazine.

In 2007 I took another 2 day woodturning course given by the world renowned artist and woodturner André Martel.

In 2009 I became a member of l’Association des Tourneurs sur Bois du Québec (woodturning club) that offer work shops four times a year given by international woodturners/artists.




During my career I spent 30 years as plant manager for several companies. From 2001 to 2004 I managed a wooden casket manufacturing facility. This gave me the perfect opportunity to learn, from the experts, all aspects of woodworking. At this time I discovered the passion that I had for working with wood and making wood creations. The plant closure gave me the opportunity to acquire just about all of the tools necessary for cabinet making.

With a partner, in 2003, we set up a small business that made wooden supports for the storage of skis and snow boards. Sales are mostly through the internet.

In 2006 I retired from full time work at 57 years of age. This allowed for a lot of time to devote to working with wood. I began to sell my wares through a gift boutique in Chambly QC called Au Salon Des Métiers d’Emma.

In 2008 I began manufacturing burial urns.

In 2012 I became a woodturning instructor acridited by l’Association des Tourneurs sur Bois du Québec (ATBQ).


Prestigious annual wood turning contest for the members of l’Association des Tourneurs sur Bois du Québec (ATBQ).

2010 Beginners category - Third Prize

2011 Intermediate category - First and Second Prize

2012 Judge for the contest

2013 Advanced category - Third Prize













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